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It's a Lifestyle Choice for Us

Human Resources is a large complex function with a wide spectrum of specialisms: Attraction, Resourcing, Reward, Policy, Talent, OD, Learning, Change, Employee relations, Diversity. No one person can be expert at all of them and there are many consultancies that provide expertise in all areas. What makes JM consulting different is not just our technical expertise but how we have gained our experience and how we leverage this to deliver value to our clients:

We work differently

  • JM Consulting is a ‘collective peer network’ of independent, highly experienced global professionals. We have a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms so our range of expertise is diverse. We can confidently promise to be able to supply the right people with the ‘right expertise’ in the right sector to help.

  • We like variety: small projects, big projects, acting as day to day virtual HR support, part time, and full time. Pretty much whatever you need from the HR toolkit, someone in the JM consulting network will suit you and your requirements will suit us. Our associate model keeps costs down and efficiency up, so we can provide complete flexibility.

  • We’ve done it on the inside and on the outside: we have all worked ‘client side’ as HR practioners as well as consultants, working in small SME’s through to the top end of the FTSE 100. We recognise and understand our clients’ needs because we have been clients ourselves. This means we don’t over intellectualise, and we deliver pragmatic solutions from concept to implementation as required.

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