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Today the HR function has evolved from a ‘transactional’ personnel support service into the ‘People function’ providing expertise in all people-related areas. HR must be a critical partner to the business, capable of understanding and translating the business requirements and objectives into an effective HR strategy and implementation


Reward isn’t just about money and status, although they are one of the prime motivators in going to work. It’s also about feeling rewarded and valued.  Employee reward and associated benefits are critical factors in the process of attracting, retaining, and engaging employees. We have in-house experts who can create an effective reward strategy for your business embracing the needs of a diverse, multigenerational workforce. 

We can…

  • Benchmark salaries and job grades across a wide variety of industries.

  • Design grade and benefit structures from simple to multi-functional global organisations.

  • Design incentives that align with the talent strategy and ensure retention.

  • Manage costs through pay for performance or variable compensation plans.


Performance management is the activity and set of processes which creates alignment between the organisations strategy/business goals with the individual’s personal objectives. It is strategic as well as operational and we have extensive experience at both ends of the spectrum. We can create an overall performance strategy right through to practical steps that can be used to improve the day to day processes.  We also believe that organisations identified values and behaviours used through selection should run through the entire end to end career cycle and be incorporated into performance management.

We can…

  • Create a ‘line of sight’ process - this is aligning an employee's day-to-day performance objectives with the strategic business goals, and identified values and behaviours required by the business. This is a proven way to increase employee engagement and productivity.

  • Provide visibility and clarify accountability related to performance expectations.

  • Create alignment with the total reward strategy and compensation outcomes.

  • Establish focus for development planning and talent management processes.

  • Create documentation for legal purposes, to support decisions and reduce disputes.


In today’s global world it is vital that organisations understand and embrace the multi-faceted needs and ways of working of a diverse workforce. It’s too easy for the traits of the dominant tribe in the workplace to be seen as the ‘way to be’.  We believe it’s not about the visible face of D&I (nobody really wants to be part of a quota), it’s about understanding and embracing diverse mindsets. Whether that is cultural, generational, orientation or gender.

Through our own experience personally and through global work experience we can assist with providing an expert D&I  focusing on all people projects and practices in our portfolio of products


HR isn’t all about change and projects. A vital part is maintaining the day-to-day operations and processes required to keep the people side of the business running. We have all had operational HR experience and some of our network specialise in interim assignments when you need someone to step in and get quickly up to speed to assist with providing the HR operational support needed.

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