Projects we have worked on: Please see below a small selection of examples of some of the projects and interim assignments we have worked on to give a flavour of our experience and how we can help.

Grow Diagram

Employee value propositions:

Externally as part of promoting the employer brand in the resourcing marketing place we have created the EVP and all associated marketing materials and strategy globally for companies in Utilities, Energy  and media.  Internally as part of employee retention for professional services companies undergoing a merger during the 2008 financial crisis.

Resourcing Solutions:

Overview and restructure of global, regional and UK recruitment functions, attraction and selection methodologies, strategy and process for organisations in the utilities, oil and gas, wind and professional services industries.


Design of the selection methodology, interview/assessment centre design and hiring manager training for multiple levels of customer services representatives for a financial services organisation.

Designed the Attraction and recruitment strategy, campaign, selection methodology and programme for volume graduate and apprenticeship programmes to organisations to assist with the introduction of the UK Apprenticeship levy in 2016.

Hands on design and implementation of multiple recruitment campaigns across industry sectors from SME to FTSE 100 organisations.


Designed the HR function from scratch including basic template design, policies, recruitment, reward and performance management for SME’s to include virtual HR support evolving from set up.

Develop Diagram

Talent Management and Leadership Development:

Designed and implemented the definition, evaluation tools and process of various FTSE 250 ‘talent pools’ and career pipelines.

Various interim roles as head of talent management involving the set up of the talent function, the identification & development & implementation of the talent strategy & annual processes.

Career management of the top 250 + senior talent in global organisations.

Designed and implemented leadership development programmes for all tiers of the career pipeline: New talent, emerging leaders, senior leaders.

Operate Diagram


Designed and implemented a UK reward framework to ensure stronger market alignment, cost savings and process simplification saving £11million over the regulatory period.

Designed the grade structure and associated compensation and benefits packages as part of an OD restructure of 10 independent countries into one global operating model.

Designed and implemented the grade structure for two organisations that merged into 1 UK operating model.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

D & I has been woven into most of the projects we have worked on. Examples include:

  • training hiring managers in cultural and gender awareness during the selection process of global recruitment campaigns

  • talent evaluation and increasing the minority group representation in the talent pipeline

  • D & I mindset awareness within functions or organisations as part of interim HR assignments

  • participation in multiple organisational initiatives to increase female and minority representation at senior management and board level.

Performance Management

Designed, implemented a performance management process and system in a media company of 800 employees that had recently acquired the outside broadcasting function from a multi-national broadcasting organisation.

Re-designed and updated the performance management evaluation process and appraisal templates and process for an energy organisation with 30,000 global employees.

Realign Diagram

Led and facilitated a major organisational design review effecting 10,000 employees that delivered business savings by reducing the workforce by over 30%. Within this transformation programme the project managed over 3000 assessments and circa 50 selection summits to benchmark key capabilities and appoint the best people in the right roles.

The restructure and transformation of a global Oil and Gas organisation creating one global operating model effecting 1600 employees across 12 countries. Work streams included:

  • organisational redesign

  • internal resource selection design and implementation from the executive level down to 3 levels below

  • redundancy and career transition programmes