In a global market place, attracting, retaining and growing the right people can be difficult.  Factor in the differing attitudes to work by culture, nationality and by generation (baby boomers to millennials), and the people element becomes a real challenge. 


An effective workforce plan will enable your organisation to be more successful by ensuring the right people are in place to meet the changing needs and future opportunities for your business.

Workforce planning flows from the organisational strategy and links people management into the operational business processes. We are experts in reviewing and designing the critical roles in your workforce, creating future demand scenarios and delivering the appropriate (talent) strategies to mitigate risk for your business.


To be very clear from the offset, our expertise in this area lies client side, rather than as recruitment providers (although we have expert market knowledge and can advise you on this). Our team has extensive global experience in this often undervalued but critical part of the employee career life cycle. How to attract and select people from a very diverse and multi discipline range.

We can...

Create Employee value propositions (EVP). The EVP is the number one recruitment and retention branding tool for an organisation.  It is used in Attraction campaigns visually and verbally to outline the appeal and qualities of working for that organisation. It describes the USP of the organisation, highlighting a mix of benefits, features and organisational ways of working. It is the deal established between the company and employee in return for their contribution and performance. This ‘deal’ is the key element which will distinguish and make an employer attractive in the marketplace.

Design and run recruitment campaigns including attraction strategies and implementation, design and implementation of selection methodology to include, hiring manager training for interviews and/or assessment centres. We work collaboratively to deliver a bespoke selection methodology for recruitment or leadership development purposes.

Run and administer high volume recruitment campaigns, such as graduate, apprenticeship and experienced hires to help you source and secure the best talent in the marketplace.

Develop leadership assessments. We can provide impartial insight into your employee’s personality, drivers and development needs. This can help strengthen the leadership pipeline and identify key gaps.


Once a business gets to a certain size it needs some HR support, both in putting in the right amount of structure to provide a transparent and equitable way of working for the people and setting up the processes. However rarely does a business need full time HR support from the start. We have the tools to assist a company set up their HR capability to provide the right fit for them because we understand that in many cases ‘less is more’. We are also happy to provide virtual HR support  as required once the processes and systems are in place.