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HR Services

Apart form strategic HR consultancy work, we also provide bespoke day to day HR operational services in a way that fits the client’s circumstances. We can be a flexible trusted HR advisor giving guidance and support to the business or we can add an experienced and effective colleague to your HR team when required. This service is particularly suited for small and medium-sized organisations where a full-time HR resource cannot be justified.

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We believe successful recruitment lies with firstly understanding who you are looking for, not only in terms of technical skills but also the behavioural fit with your company. Secondly knowing where to find them and thirdly interviewing themto ascertain their technical and cultural fit. At JM consulting we can help you select and work with the best recruitment providers, create interview guides and help with the candidate select and offer process for you. We also offer specialised consultancy in the talent acquisition function. 

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This should be your comprehensive and compliant ‘one stop shop‘ for all your company employment policies, procedures, expected behaviour and conduct. We will ensure your company’s expectations for the conduct of your employees is communicated in an accurate and straightforward document allowing them to fully understand what is required of them in the workplace. It will also mitigate any risk of legal disputes and ensure a fair treatment of all employees.

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All companies & their employees need to monitor, develop and reward their performance. At JM consulting we can design and implement fit for purpose performance management programmes or provide you with a guide to performance management including the necessary templates. We can also work with you to create executive or management scorecards for the top tier.
Unfortunately, sometimes an employee will struggle and underperform or need help with performance when returning after a period of absence. We can also help with situations like these providing information and guidance on performance and conduct improvement, performance improvement and support templates and training.


We can provide accurate employment contracts for your employees across the range of different employment categories: PAYE, zero hours, contract and statement of work. It is vital to have the correct employment contract to ensure both the company and the employee are protected. For the UK we are also fully trained in all aspects of IR35 and can advise and provide guidance to companies to ensure the employee has the correct employment status.

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In UK law anyone who is unfairly dismissed or discriminated against at work is entitled to claim compensation from their employer via an employment tribunal. Likewise, an employee is entitled to raise a grievance against the company or another employee of that company.
There may also be an occasion where it is necessary to conduct an internal investigation resulting from a grievance or a performance issue. Any of these may result in a disciplinary process.
JM consulting will advise or present your company in any of the above situations. We will present the findings to you with suggestions and solutions for discussion to allow you to make your final conclusions and decisions. We can represent you at any tribunals if required and provide advice to ensure the situation is rectified and unlikely to re occur.

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TUPE (Transfer of undertakings – Protection of Employment regulations).

In 2006 and then amended in 2014 TUPE law was created and is mandatory to most company acquisitions where employees are transferred from the ‘seller’ company to the ‘buy’ company. At JM consulting we can advise or implement the TUPE transfer process on your behalf as it can be tricky with legally defined financial penalties if not done correctly.

If you need our assistance to work with you as your HR trusted advisor either as a one off, project or on an ongoing basis we recommend the below packages which we would be happy to discuss with you via a free consultation:

  1. Package 1: An agreed set number of HR support, split into hourly segments starting with a minimum of five hours over a three-month period (followed by a top up or ad-hoc zero hours support as needed)

  2. Package 2: HR support on a day rate for either projects or HR support. This can be agreed on a monthly or statement of work project basis

  3. Package 3: starter pack: Employment handbook, bespoke templates and processes as agreed

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