• Judith Moeckell

National Apprenticeship Week: the power of recruitment attraction

Updated: 6 days ago

"Create the garden to attract the butterflies."

I hope everyone had a successful Apprenticeship Week and it provided focus on the right attraction strategy and plan. Having worked for Shell Recruitment in my formative years, I was privileged enough to experience how effective a good attraction strategy and implementation can be. Yes it requires some upfront investment, but will save companies a lot in the long run, as their reputation as employer of choice grows.

Key steps:

  • Workforce planning – who and how many employees do you need, and from where?

  • Employee value proposition – what do the candidates want and what can the company offer, ("the deal")

  • What tools/events/relationships is the company going to create and over what time period to ‘attract the butterflies’

  • What selection methodology will be designed and used to make sure candidates are evaluated properly

  • Providing a great candidate experience to further enhance the company's reputation

If you have any further questions or require help in any of the above please get in touch at info@jm-consulting.co.uk to speak to our talent specialists. Sound advice in uncertain times.

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